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Housing not burdened with expenses due to aged deterioration

Unlike condominium real estate properties and residential real estate properties such as condominium real estate properties, property apartment rental property is not subject to property tax. Fixed asset tax should be paid annually when purchasing sale housing. In addition, in the case of condominium apartment real estate properties and single-family real estate properties, it is necessary to pay various expenses, but in the case of rental condominium real estate property, you can continue to live forever if you keep paying rent.

If you continue to live in a rental apartment real estate for a long period of time and the equipment and furniture etc of the house is broken due to aged deterioration, and you have to repair or exchange, etc., aging In the case of deterioration, we will respond properly if you ask the management company or the owner's person without paying our own expenses. There is no need to pay unnecessary expenses. That point When you become a home owned property such as a condominium real estate property or a detached property real estate, it becomes your own burden when you have to do something repair or exchange. In addition to burdening it, you have to decide on your own arrangements, such as arranging a vendor, and schedule. So saving for something happening will be important for you.

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